Molly Nix

Senior Product Designer at Uber

Wed 24 May, 2017, 11:30

How Uber Designs for the Future of Transportation

Uber started as a simple idea: “push a button, get a ride.” The goal is making the technology invisible, but delivery a magical experience that gets you from here to there. Today, Uber is a transportation network spanning more than 450 cities in over 70 countries. This session will go deep on discussing the challenges that come with designing at a scale so massive, it’s changing the way cities move, providing jobs for people around the world, and completely re-imaging the concept of logistics, and the methodologies designers at Uber use to tackle these challenges.

About Molly Nix

Molly Nix is a Senior Product Designer at Uber in San Francisco, whose work spans from the Partner experience to the Uber Advanced Technologies Group. Prior to Uber, she worked at Google where she led design for a range of YouTube creator products including Community, Channels, Creator Studio, and YouTube Capture. Molly received her Masters of Human-Computer Interaction and BFA in Communication Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

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