Nick Remis

Service Experience Designer at AdaptivePath

Thu 25 May, 2017, 14:00

Working With Service Blueprints

From multi-touchpoint services to multi-channel digital products, the experiences we design are getting more and more complex. When there is a breakdown in experience or operations, it can be highly disruptive for users, employees, and organisations. To deliver on the magical experiences users desire, we must ensure that what a customer interacts with–the front stage– seamlessly connects with operations–the backstage. Service blueprints are a versatile tool that helps orchestrate both the customer experience and the operations that support it. They can be used to document the current state, work with diverse multifunctional teams, and plan for the future.

Through the use of service blueprints we will take a 360-degree view of an existing service; discovering its gaps, evolving the elements and processes within it into a holistic system that delivers the desired experience, and identifying the projects needed to reach that future vision.

About Nick Remis

Nick’s desire to understand the human condition and explore the diverse tapestry of human culture led him to the world of design. He believes that design is one of the key disciplines for addressing the human and business needs of a rapidly changing future.

As a Lead Service Experience Designer at Capital One, Nick leads teams at Capital One on understand how to connect with people, address their needs, and bring delightful service and products into the world without losing sight of the realistic. Most recently, he authored A Guide to Service Blueprinting, a practitioner's guide to working with service blueprints.

Before joining Capital One, Nick worked for Adaptive Path and Smart Design where as a service designer and user experience designer he crafted engaging interactive experience and service encounters. Nick received his BFA in Service Design from Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied a number of design disciplines and holds an AAA in Graphic Design.

When not covering the walls of Capital One in sticky notes he can be found traveling the world, exploring nature, and teaching the tools of design to others.

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