Brendan Kearns

Product Designer at InVision

Fri 26 May, 2017, 14:00

Presented by InVision: Using Design Thinking with Agility

Designers understand the power of design in shaping great products, but it can be challenging to get other teams and stakeholders to buy into the design process if they haven’t seen the benefits first-hand. Design thinking offers a toolkit that can help democratise design, and get teams aligned early in the process of creating a new product or feature.

In this workshop, we’ll take a look how design thinking has helped shape innovative products in a multitude of industries, and then have a hands-on, team based design challenge where we use the methods in the design thinking toolkit to attack a creative problem. By the end of our workshop, you should be able to bring these methods back to your team, and share the power of the design process to help create more innovative, impactful products.

What You'll Learn:

  • How to run a mini design sprint to gain user empathy, reframe a problem, prototype and test a solution.
  • How design thinking can work hand-in-hand with agile processes to make sure you are heading to the right finish line, and not sprinting in the wrong direction.
  • How to use design thinking to align a team early in the process of creating a new product or feature, and democratise design to get better buy-in from stakeholders from the start.
  • Techniques for interviewing, brainstorming, and rapid prototypes.

Who This Workshop is For:

  • Design teams in search of ways to align better with other teams in their organisation, and share the power of the design process.
  • Engineers, product managers, and executives looking for a better understanding of design and design thinking.

What You'll Need For the Workshop:

  • No technology other than pencil and paper, sharpies and post-it notes (which we’ll provide). This is a workshop for people of all skill levels.

About Brendan Kearns

For almost a decade Brenadan has worked with studios and technology companies in Australia, Europe, and the U.S.  At InVision he is creating new tools and methods for design teams to design and build impactful digital products.  Here in London, he is an active speaker and instructor in product and user experience design.

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