Dan Porter

Co-Founder and Creative Director at Scriberia

Thu 25 May, 2017, 14:00

Presented by Scriberia: The Hardworking Pictures Workshop - Making Art That Works

Some of the greatest inventions and ideas of all time have started life as a humble sketch or doodle. Bringing to the table years of experience as scribes, graphic facilitators and creative problem solvers, the Scriberia team will introduce you to tips and techniques to empower you as a visual thinker and communicator. 

This workshop is substance over style. 

It's about giving you creative confidence and creative independence. Dan won't teach you how to draw beautifully, but he will help you to dissect a problem visually, organise complex information and draw something fantastically useful.

Dan will introduce you to a practical drawing vocabulary, and share some simple, accessible techniques for solving problems creatively, thinking strategically, collaborating with others and engaging audiences. You don't have to be a confident artist to take part. The Hardworking Pictures workshop is for anyone that wants to communicate and co-create ideas with confidence and clarity. 

You can expect to:

  • Build a basic visual vocabulary
  • Improve your drawing and design skills
  • Organise and simplify complex information
  • Learn lessons from the best visual communicators
  • Use pictures as a problem-solving tool
  • Develop techniques for capturing ideas visually

Dan says: “At Scriberia, when we’re working on a problem in the studio, the solution generally emerges at the sketching stage. Perhaps it's a scruffy image, but it contains all the information, all the structure and all the thinking that, with a little more polish and refinement, meet the client's hopes and needs. So we’re taking that part of our process and sharing this insight with you - because this is the part that everybody can do, it’s not about drawing a beautiful picture, but drawing as a way of processing information, exploring ideas creating structure and communicating to other people.”   

About Dan Porter

Dan trained as an art historian and was part of the team that launched Tate Modern in 2000, winning a BAFTA for a ground-breaking online project for Tate two years later. Meanwhile, he was also honing his visual thinking skills and business knowledge as a creative consultant for Ernst & Young and Cap Gemini. An early adopter of scribing – or graphic facilitation – in Europe, he’s been helping clients visualise their thinking for over 15 years, and has been instrumental in developing it as an exciting new form of illustration in its own right.

He co-founded Scriberia in 2009 with former Playjam art director Chris Wilson, and their smart live visuals found immediate success with companies such as Nokia, IBM, Mars and Nike. Since then, Scriberia has evolved to include a flourishing animation studio, producing successful online content for the likes of the Guardian and WWF.

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