Flaminia Del Conte

Service Designer at Livework

Thu 25 May, 2017, 14:00

Designing in the Wild: Service Safari Workshop

What’s a service safari? Chances are you’ve already been on several today. From turning on the heating to running for the bus and reading the news on your smartphone on the commute, services are all around us. 

The Service Safari is an exercise that helps you deeply understand how a service works and where it can be improved by either observing others or using it first-hand yourself. It’s a highly flexible, cost-saving tool that be used at any point in the design process.

The workshop will comprise:

  • Intro: What a service safari is – why, how and when to do it.
  • Safari! Dividing into small teams and going out into the field, visiting local attractions in Greenwich to experience and observe services in the flesh.
  • Ideate/Imagine/Innovate: Re-grouping and sharing insights, and working together to generate ideas for improvements, innovations and a better world through design.

Our objectives will be to:

  • Get our hands dirty - working quickly and collaboratively out in the field, gathering insights and information to better inform our design decisions later on.
  • Communicate findings to each other and reflect on the insights gathered - to quickly define design drivers.
  • Have fun, be open to new ways of thinking and hope we have nice weather!

About Flaminia Del Conte

Flaminia is a service designer, with experience in qualitative research and agile prototyping. She has worked all over the world and across many different sectors, such as healthcare, education, aviation and luxury. She helps companies understand their challenges and re-imagine their services by aligning for customer needs, business priorities, and organisational capabilities. She is currently part of the team at Livework studio in London, where she’s worked for clients such as Gucci, Pfizer, Samsung and Fujitsu.

Prior to joining Livework, she worked as a design strategist for the province of Friesland in the Netherlands, working with a remote island community co-creating and piloting an approach to improve skills exchange between generations. She has also supported the development of two international startups.

Flaminia organises and mentors at the international Service Jam and participates in initiatives to support gender equality. Underpinning her work as a service designer is a strong belief in the ethical potential of design in society and its ability to improve people’s lives through the creation of strategic solutions that fit the rapidly evolving and dynamic modern world.

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