Kate Tarling

Design leader in government and the private sector

Thu 25 May, 2017, 14:00

Leading Service Design

Kate Tarling and Ben Holliday will lead a practical workshop introducing service design through the lens of the UK government and the digital by default service standard.

This session is ideal for people who want to move to a service design focussed approach in large or complex organisations. Kate and Ben will share how they’ve led and established service design within their own organisations, and the challenges they’ve faced. This will cover moving from more traditional UX approaches and a “digital” only focus, to the design of end-to-end services across different channels.

During the workshop you will learn skills, and techniques including:

  • How to talk about service design in your organisation
  • How to identify, describe, and name services, using a simple method and taxonomy
  • How to lead and focus a team around user needs and how to deliver measurable outcomes
  • How to approach the design of complex end-to-end services, across multiple channels 
  • Visual tools for communicating complex services effectively

By the end of the workshop, you should be equipped with just enough knowledge to get started with leading service design within your own organisation, or to apply new techniques to your work.

About Kate Tarling

Kate helps design good services as well as their building blocks. She works with senior management, teams and individuals in large organisations to create the right conditions for good design to happen. This includes the Home Office, Government Digital Service, Peek Vision and many others.

Kate has spent some 16 years designing products and services, both consulting and in-house. She also works closely with a number of startups through Techstars, the global accelerator.

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