Lauren Currie

Founder of #upfront and Head of Design at Good Lab

Thu 25 May, 2017, 11:30

Why it's Time for Designers to Share Their Power

Lauren Currie spells out why, when it comes to doing good and sharing our power, it’s time for designers to raise our game. Here she presents #upfront, designed to disrupt the inequality of conferences by inviting keynote speakers to share their stage, and their power. Joining her on the stage, her guests seek to develop greater confidence and new found courage by facing an audience head on from the safety of Lauren’s red sofa. You will be introduced to design-led social change: what it is, why it matters and what this means for you and your work. 

Lauren believes that the design process can help all of us tackle social problems and imagine how things could be better. From her experience in co-founding Snook, Scotland’s first socially-focused service design agency, building ideas like Know Sugar; the world’s first change agent for sugar and designing and launching a new MA in Experience Design, Lauren will share her vision for the future and what she has learned about doing good, side projects and trying to change the world. She will share stories that will stir your heart and leave you asking ‘what is the right problem to solve?

About Lauren Currie

Lauren is a London-based designer, entrepreneur and social innovator whose work focuses on social progression, equality and confidence. 

She co-founded Snook, one of the UK's leading service design agencies and was recently featured in ELLE UK as 30 women under 30 changing the world. She's currently Head of Design for Good Lab, as well as the founder of #upfront, an organisation dedicated to making the world more confident.

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