Margot Bloomstein

Appropriate, Inc. brand and Content Strategist

Wed 24 May, 2017, 14:00

Driving Your Product’s Content Strategy with Message Architecture

Brand-driven content strategy complements user-centred design to use prioritised communication goals to focus new features, content types, and the workflow to create and maintain them. In this workshop, you’ll get up to speed on the philosophy, questions, tools, and exercises to implement brand-driven content strategy. We’ll use BrandSort™ to conduct a hands-on exercise to prioritise communication goals and develop a message architecture—ideal whether you maintain content for the web, mobile apps, social media, offline experiences, or any imagined output of your CMS.  Eager for more efficient engagements? You’ll discover how a brand attributes card sort can help you identify potential pitfalls and points of disagreement while you improve organisational alignment. Then we’ll discuss the content opportunities a gap analysis can reveal when we use the message architecture as a metric of quality in a content audit.

Join this workshop to build out your content strategy toolkit: 

  • Learn how—and why—to establish a hierarchy of communication goals in a message architecture with the hands-on BrandSort exercise.
  • Discuss the right questions to ask—and how to ask them—to minimise distracting, off-brand features, like the blog no one has time to update.
  • Gain additional tools to keep your projects on track, on time, and on budget

About Margot Bloomstein

Margot is the principal of Appropriate, Inc., a brand and content strategy consultancy based in Boston. She partners with retailers, universities, manufacturers, and other organisations to create brand-appropriate user experiences that engage their target audiences and project key messages with consistency and clarity through both traditional and social media.

In the past 20 years, Margot helped develop content strategy practices in many leading agencies and corporations. She shaped the communication of corporate social responsibility work at Timberland, content for crisis response at Harvard University, and strategy for cultural tourism in the state of Nevada. The rogues' gallery also includes Lovehoney, Scholastic Publishing, ECCO Shoes, Sallie Mae, Philips, Lindt and Sprüngli, and the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority.

A participant in the inaugural Content Strategy Consortium and featured speaker at SXSW, Margot is a popular speaker at conferences around the world. She also produces BrandSort, a tool embraced by consultancies of all sizes to clarify communication goals. She is the author of Content Strategy at Work: Real-World Stories to Strengthen Every Interactive Engagement.

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